About Club Car of Sun City

Club Car of Sun City was formerly known as Ray's Golf Carts. Ray's Golf Carts have been in and around the Sun City Center community for over 15 years. It was originally called Rudy's Golf Carts, then Ray's Golf Carts and now is Club Car of Sun City. The reason for the name change was to advertise the fact that we will be an authorized Club Car Dealer. Ben Sverdlow and Wendy Dimmock are the owners and Gordon Dimmock (General Manager) will manage the day to day operations of the business. Our team is outstanding and always happy to help. Customer service is what has given this company such a good name and we are constantly being recommended by customers.

Ben Sverdlow

Ben Sverdlow's family has been involved in the golf cart industry and is a leading expert in the world of golf carts and accessories. Involved in Best practise groups and mentoring other golf cart businesses is where Ben excells. This is a passion of his and feels he can make a difference in the Sun City Center market. Bringing Ben's extensive experience to this small business with only improve our sales/service potential.

Wendy Dimmock

Wendy has been the owner of Ray's Golf Carts since December 2014. She moved from the UK in 2014 and has a history of customer support. Wendy is always available to provide expert advice on designing your customised cart and has been responsible for most of our cart designs for the last few years.