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By on January 2, 2018

Double Take Inc is a company that provides a complete solution for customizing your older golf cart. With their range of accessories we can make your older cart look brand new. Come by our store and lets see how we can assist you in designing your refreshed cart at a much lower price point than a new cart. Always ask to see a serial number of the cart, usually the manufacturer logo will be near the serial number. Be very wary of a store that will not show you the serial number of the new looking cart.   

Take a look at the following examples of what can be upgraded on your older Club Car DS, Club Car Precedent, EZGO TXT or Yamaha Drive.

Our advice is be extremely wary of a store who has removed the original serial numbers. This is illegal and should not be done! 

Examples of serial numbers are as follows:

current club car serial number 300x132 - Double Take

ds clubcar serial number 300x120 - Double Takeezgo serial number 300x146 - Double Take










Our advice is stay away from a store that tries to sell you a cart like this. If you buy this type of cart get a warranty statement in writing or on your invoice. Believe it or not it is happening in Sun City Center too!



double take all body kits 1024x492 - Double Take

Convert your older model EZGO TXT into a newer look with the accessories you want. EZGO TXTdt ezgo txt titan 1024x642 - Double Take

Update your older Club Car Precedent to a new and slightly modified look. These bodies are not painted. Available in colors to match accessories. These two options are extremely popular.

club car precedent 225x300 - Double Take

double take club car precedent 1024x647 - Double Takedouble take club car precedent phantom 1024x647 - Double Take

Modify your older Club Car DS into a totally different and fresh look with the updated body and accessories to match.

IMG 0021 1 300x225 - Double Take


double take club car ds spartan 1024x645 - Double Take

Update your Older Yamaha Drive to a fresh look. double take yamaha drive vortex 1024x645 - Double Take