FAQ – Club Car Serial Number

Club Car has employed a fairly standard serial number location and format since around 1981.  Prior to that, they used a different numbering system.

From 1975-80, Club Car always had three separate foot pedals, one for acceleration, one for braking, and on for a parking brake.  If you see a Club Car with three pedals, it is certainly within this time frame.  The serial number for Club car golf carts made between 1975 and 1980 can be found by lifting the seat bottom assembly.  Look at the aluminum I-beam located just inboard of the driver’s side battery bank. Please view our picture below which shows the location of these serial numbers. Here are a few examples of the older format:

Format 1: A2493

Format 2: N11199


From 1981-Present, Club Car has produced several golf cart models, including the DS and Precedent, as well as numerous utility vehicles, industrial equipment, and personnel carriers.  But, since the 1981 mark, the location of the serial number has been fairly standard and universal amongst all of these models. It is usually located towards the middle of the vehicle where the floor mat meets the bottom of the dash.  It is typically printed onto a sticker or metal tag in this location. Also, modern Club Cars only have two pedals, one for acceleration and second which serves as a combination stop brake and parking brake. Please view our picture below to view the location on most modern Club Car models. Models form the 1980’s have the sticker slightly towards the passenger’s side of the cart, while newer models have the number more towards the center of the vehicle.

Generally, the modern Club Car serial numbers have a letter as the first (and sometimes second) digit.  The letter based prefix code indicates the model of the vehicle.  Please see chart below.  The next two digits after the letters indicate the year.  All numbers following the space or dash are the sequential number in which that vehicle rolled off the line in its assembly year.

Format 1:  AG8414 – 53441 (1984 Gas DS Model)

Format 2: A9451 – 534223 (1994 Electric DS Model)


A All DS Electric (prior to separation of models) LK Limo Gas (Asian Market
AA DS Electric Golf Car, 48v, electronic controller LQ Limo Electric, Manual Brake
AB DS Electric Golf Car, 36v, V-Glide LR Limo Gas, Manual Brake
AC DS Electric Golf Car, 48v, Regen M Villager 8 Electric (Electronic Controller)
AD Pioneer 1200 Gas Utility MA Carryall 500 Gas
AE Pioneer 900 Gas Utility MB Carryall 550 Gas
AF Café Express Utility MC Carryall 300 Gas
AG DS Gas Golf Car MD Café Express
AH Pioneer 1200SE Gas Utility ME Carryall 500 Electric
AQ DS Electric Golf Car, Curtis IQ 48v Regen MF Carryall 300 Electric
BD Bobcat 2200 Diesel Utility Vehicle MG Villager 8 Gas
BE Bobcat 2200 Gas Utility Vehicle MH Carryall 700 Electric
BF Limo14 Electric 48v MJ Transporter Electric
BG Limo14 Electric 72v MK Transporter Gas
BL Bobcat 2100S Gas Utility ML Carryall 700 Gas
C Industrial Electric Vehicle MM Carryall 550 Electric
CA Limo6, IQ Plus N Transporter, TransSender, Carryall 6 Electric
CB Limo8, IQ Plus NG Transporter, TransSender, Carryall 6 Gas
CC Case IH Scout XL, Stretch PD Precedent i2L Excel
CD NewHolland Rustler 120 UV, Stretch Diesel PE Precedent 4 Passenger Electric
CE Champion Golf Electric PF Precedent 4 Passenger Gas
CF Champion Golf Gas PG Carryall 2 Plus Gas
CG Industrial Gas Vehicle PH Precedent i2 Excel
CH Case IH Scout XL, Stretch PJ Precedent i2 4 Passenger Excel
CJ Case IH Scout XL, Gas PK Precedent i2 L2 Excel with Limo Bag Attachment
CK NewHolland Rustler 125 UV, Gas PP Precedent i2 Excel Stretch
CL Case IH Scout XL, Diesel PQ Precedent Professional Electric 48v with IQ Controller
CM NewHolland Rustler 120 UV, Diesel PR Precedent Professional Gas
CN NewHolland Rustler 125 UV, Stretch Gas PS Precedent L2 Electric
CR Case IH Scout, 4×2, Gas PT Precedent L2 Gas
CT Case IH Scout, 4×4, Gas PU Precedent i2 Signature Excel
CU NewHolland Rustler 115 UV, 4×2, Gas PV Precedent i2 Signature 4-Passenger Excel
CV NewHolland Rustler 115 UV, 4×4, Gas PW Precedent Signature 4 Passenger Gas
CW Case IH Scout, 4×4, Gas PX Precedent Signature 4 Passenger Excel
CX NewHolland Rustler 115 UV, 4×4, Gas PY Precedent Signature Gas Golf
CY Case IH Scout XL, Homologated, Diesel PZ Precedent Signature Electric Golf
CZ NewHolland Rustler 120 Homologated, Diesel QA Carryall 1
D Fairway Villager 4, Electric, Electronic Controller QB Carryall 2
DD DS Electric, 48v, IQ System QC Carryall 6
DE Villager 4, 48v, IQ System QE Villager 8 Plus
DG Fairway Villager 4, Gas QG Carryall 272 Gas
DS DS Electric Golf Car, 48v, PowerDrive Series QH Carryall 472 Gas
E Carryall 2, Electric, Electronic Controller QQ Limousine 8, IQ Plus Controller
EA Carryall 2 Electric Industrial Truck QR Limousine 6, IQ Plus Controller
EB Carryall 2 Electric AC LSV QS Villager 6 Plus
EC Carryall 2 Electric AC LSV QT Turf 2 Plus
ED Carryall 6 Electric AC LSV, Homologated R Turf 2 Electric (Electronic Controller)
EG Carryall 2 Gas RD Carryall 1500 2WD Gas
F Carryall 1 Electric RG Turf 2 Gas
FA Carryall 1 Electric Industrial Truck RK Husqvarna 4221 XP AWD Diesel
FB Carryall 242 Gas RL Husqvarna 4221 XP AWD Gas
FC Carryall 242 Electric RM RSC 1550 AWD Diesel
FD Carryall 1 48v, IQ Controller RN RSC 1550 AWD Gas
FG Carryall 1 Gas RP RSC 1550 SE AWD Diesel
FK RT 850 SE Electric RQ RSC 1550 IntelliTrak AWD
FQ Villager 4, 48v, IQ System RS Bobcat 2200 AWD Homologated Diesel
FU XRT 850 SE Gas RT RSC 1550 AWD Gas
G Tourall Electric 36v RU Transporter XL Electric
GG Tourall Gas S Turf 2 Electric (Electronic Controller)
H Turf 1 Electric, Electronic Controller SA Bobcat 2200 SE AWD Diesel
HA DS Electric Golf Car, 36v SB Bobcat 2200 SE AWD Gas
HD Turf 1, 48v, IQ Controller SE Villager 6 Gas
HG Turf 1 Gas SF Villager 8 Gas
J Transporter & Carryall 6, Electronic Controller SK Transporter XL Gas
JA Carryall 6 Electric Industrial Truck SL Precedent i2 Gas
JB Carryall 6 Electric AC LSV SM Precedent i2L Gas
JC Carryall 6 Electric AC LSV SN Precedent i2 4 Passenger Gas
JE Precedent i2, High-Frequency Charger SP Precedent i2 L2 Gas
JF Precedent i2L, High-Frequency Charger SR XRT 800 Gas
JG Transporter & Carryall 6 Gas SS Carryall 232 Gas
JH Precedent c2L 4-Passenger, High-Frequency Charger SU Precedent i2 Signature Gas
JJ Precedent i2L L2, High-Frequency Charger SV Precedent i2 Signature 4-Passenger Gas
JK Turf 252 Electric, 48v, IQ Plus Controller SW XRT 850 Gas
JL Carryall 252 Electric, 48v, IQ Plus Controller SX XRT 1550 SE AWD Gas
JM XRT 900 Electric, 48v, IQ Plus Controller SY XRT 1550 SE AWD Diesel
JN Precedent i2 Signature, High-Frequency Charger SZ Carryall 242 Gas
JP Transporter 6 Electric, 48v, IQ Plus Controller T Villager 4 Electric (Electronic Controller)
JQ Transporter 6 Gas Key Start TA Transporter 4 Electric
JR Carryall 6 Electric, IQ Plus Controller TG Villager 4 Gas
JS Transporter 4 Electric, 48v, IQ Plus Controller TS Carryall 300 Gas
JT Transporter 4 Gas Key Start TT XRT 1550 AWD IntelliTrak
JU Carryall 6 11HP Gas Key Start VG Turf 6 Gas
JV Turf 6 11 HP Gas Pedal Start VR Villager 2 LSV
JW Precedent i2 Signature 4-Passenger, High-Frequency Charger VS Villager 2+2 LSV Electric
JX Precedent i2 Stretch, High-Frequency Charger VU Villager 2+2 LSV Homologated
JY XRT 850 Electric VV Villager 2 LSV Homologated
JZ XRT 850 Gas XG Turf 2 XRT Gas
K Villager 6 Electric, Electronic Controller XH XRT 810 Gas
KA XRT 950 4×2 Gas Prototype XL Carryall 232 Gas
KB XRT 950 4×4 Gas Prototype XM Carryall 232 Electric
KG Villager 6 Gas XP RSC 800 Gas
KX XRT 950 4×2 Gas XQ RSC 810 Gas
KY XRT 950 4×4 Gas XS RSC XRT 800 Electric
KZ XRT 950EX 4×4 Gas XT RSC 810 Electric
L All Earlier Limo Electric Vehicles XU RSC XRT 900
LA Limo Electric (Electronic Controller) ZG Carryall 2 XRT Gas
LB Limo Electric (Regen) ZV Transporter XLC Gas
LE Limo II Electric (Replaced LB) ZW Carryall 900 Gas
LG Limo Gas ZX Transporter XLC Electric
LH Limo II Gas (Replaced LG) ZY Carryall 900 Electric
LJ Limo Electric (Asian Market) ZZ Carryall 2 Gas

How can I identify the model and year of my Club Car?
Starting in the 1980s Club Car vehicles have a serial number plaque at the lower edge of the dashboard. Our serial number convention is 12 characters and indicates the model, the model year and the production week the vehicle was produced. For example: PQ0604-123456 PQ=Precedent Electric 06=2006 Model Year 04=Fourth production week NOTE: If you cannot find a serial number plaque contact Club Car with the serial number from the transaxle, electric motor or gas engine. Utilizing that information we can assist you with identifying the serial number of your vehicle.

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