Onward 6 passenger

Club Car Onward – 6 Passenger


6 passenger Onward studio 615x690 1 267x300 - Club Car Onward - 6 PassengerThe all new Onward® 6P vehicle was specifically engineered with your comfort and safety in mind. With its unmatched performance, warranty, and the support you expect from Club Car, your family can focus on what really matters.







CraftedImage2 300x233 - Club Car Onward - 6 PassengerCRAFTED FOR COMFORT

Our carefully engineered front row seat pod provides ample leg room allowing second row passengers to stretch out. The Onward 6P takes convenience to a new level with easy to reach second row grab handles and cup holders as well as an extended canopy design that covers third row passengers.


The enhanced suspension system provides exceptional handling and performance when fully loaded. Pair that with the 4-wheel brake system engineered for optimal stopping power, and you have the best 6 passenger vehicle on the market!

CraftedImage3 300x233 - Club Car Onward - 6 PassengerCRAFTED TO IMPRESS

The 6P’s unique design is crafted not only for luxury, but to stand out as the sleekest vehicle in the neighborhood. Build your car to your specifications and preferences with completely customizable options including color, seats, wheels and more!




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