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ccosc van - Service and repair

By on February 2, 2018

We believe regular servicing of your cart is important. Especially if you drive a golf cart daily as your primary vehicle. There are a few options when it comes to servicing your vehicle. If you see our van out and about were probably picking up and delivering a vehicle that we have worked on and done some service or repairs. We try and get our carts back to you on the same day so we never over book our work and keep the cart for days unless it needs major work. Because most of our customers rely on their carts as their primary mode of transportation we make an effort to get the cart back as soon as possible. We are fully insured and carry an insurance policy to cover your cart in the event of an accident in our shop.

As a Club Car Authorized dealer we have a huge range of OEM parts in house as well as other common parts for other major brands of golf carts. If we do not have the parts in house we can get them pretty quickly and do not charge extra for this service. We understand that most of our customers are on fixed income so price is important.

Standard Service

We usually book this type of service in and can sometimes be a few days ahead out. In Season we are really busy and try and accommodate everyone as soon as possible. We do not pick up carts and keep them for days unless there is a major issue or we are waiting for parts.

Things we do during the standard service:

  • Check and Fill Water in Batteries
  • Clean batteries if needed (Not removing them to clean over spilled battery acid)
  • Check Lights, horn and turn signals (if installed)
  • Check and fill Tires
  • Check Front and Rear Bushings
  • Grease Front End (if needed)
  • Bring any noticeable problems to your attention

Brake Service

  • Clean and adjust brakes
  • Adjust pedal assembly if needed/possible

Wheel Alignment

This is something we do as a standard when we replace bushings on your Club Car but it is also worth doing from time to time.

Tire Mounting

A lot of our customers suggested that it would be more convenient for them if we mounted tires. We listened and now mount tires in our shop. 

Bushing replacement

When we replace bushings on a cart we recommend replacing the full set not just the ones you can see. On a Club Car Precedent/Onward there are bushing kits and we replace the entire kit with the OEM kit. Aftermarket kits are not as good and cost just as much. If you can see excessive wear on your front tires call us and drop by we can usually tell if you need an alignment or not.

Battery Service/Replacement/Discharge Test

This is something we do regularly. If your batteries are under 2 years old we can do a discharge test. Our technicians have been trained to test and diagnose battery faults. We use industry standard technology to test the cells and discharge the battery pack to see if you have any issues. 

Service Plan

We do provide an annual service plan for our customers and they bring their cart over on a Wednesday every 6 weeks. You get 9 services for the price of 3 and we see most of the customers who have this plan save money and these carts usually have a higher trade in value. This service is a first come first serve plan and we do not take bookings on a Wednesday for this plan.  If you have a problem coming into the store on your planned service date we will try to accommodate your needs.

We cannot transport carts for the service plan. There may be a charge for the collection and delivery but we will take this on a case by case basis.

Things we do during the 6 week service:

  • Check and Fill Water in Batteries
  • Clean batteries if needed (Not removing them to clean over spilled battery acid)
  • Check Lights, horn and turn signals (if installed)
  • Check and fill Tires
  • Check Front and Rear Bushings
  • Grease Front End (not available on all carts)
  • Bring any noticeable problems to your attention and schedule an appointment to resolve the issue.

If you compare this to our standard service you see that they are exactly the same. We see customers save money with this but this plan is an annual plan and expires 1 year after renewal.

Water check

Checking your water in your batteries is important. If you drop by on a Tuesday or Thursday morning we will check your water for free if you have purchased batteries from us. This also depends on how busy our workshop is so if you can wait we can usually get your batteries checked in between services. 

Snowbird Service

We are happy to get your cart ready before you get back to Sun City Center. If we can get access to your cart a week or two before you arrive back in Florida we can get your cart boosted and serviced so you don’t have to wait for days to get your cart up and running. We are also happy to check on your cart while you are away, we cannot do this for free but will work with you to assist you or the people that take care of your house to help maintain your batteries over the summer.

Call us on 813-634-6646 or go to our contact form below and we can discuss your options.