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Used Carts/Rebuild Carts

By on January 16, 2018

Summer Deal

No rebuild will match this deal, these are almost all gone so get one quick

Ex-Demonstrator 2018 Club Car Precedent, under 1 year old still with factory warranty, get yours while stocks last.

This Blue cart below was an ex-demonstration cart that our customer painted the body, upgraded the seats and wheels and changed the roof. 

ccprec2018 300x225 - Used Carts/Rebuild Carts

precedent blue custom 1 225x300 - Used Carts/Rebuild Carts












See below for example of used golf cart or rebuild carts for sale. Call us on 813-634-6646 for more info and see if they are still available. 

2014 ezgo chameleon 1 300x225 - Used Carts/Rebuild Carts2014 ezgo chameleon 2 225x300 - Used Carts/Rebuild Carts

2014 ezgo chameleon 3 300x225 - Used Carts/Rebuild Carts




















All of our rebuild golf carts go through an extensive rebuild process to ensure you are getting the absolute best quality golf cart we can deliver. 

Our rebuilder/techs only use high quality parts and strip each golf cart down to the frame to clean and inspect it.

Any parts that need to be replace are replaced at time of rebuild.

  • High Speed Code
  • NEW Set of Crown/Trojan Batteries (48 Volt) with manufacturers warranty.
  • Premium Painted/Wrap covered Body
  • Ultimate Light kit (Includes Headlights, Tail Lights, Horn and Brake Lights)
  • NEW Fold Down Tinted Windshield
  • Custom Front Seat
  • 2 Keys Included
  • Original Factory EZGO Charger Included

Please get in touch and let us know if you have any questions and Wendy/Gordon will be glad to help.

red precedent 2014 driver 300x225 - Used Carts/Rebuild Cartsred precedent 2014 front 225x300 - Used Carts/Rebuild Carts










2014 black 2 pass lifted 300x225 - Used Carts/Rebuild Carts2014 black 2 pass lifted 1 225x300 - Used Carts/Rebuild Carts










2014 red 2pass rebuild 300x225 - Used Carts/Rebuild Carts2014 red 2pass rebuild 1 225x300 - Used Carts/Rebuild Carts










beige ezgo txt 2014 driver 300x225 - Used Carts/Rebuild Cartsbeige ezgo txt 2014 front 225x300 - Used Carts/Rebuild Carts










black green driver.jpg 225x300 - Used Carts/Rebuild Cartsblack green front 225x300 - Used Carts/Rebuild Carts

















We have some used 2014 Club Car Precedents that are in good condition. These are a bargain at the price all with brand new Crown Batteries included. Batteries will only be installed prior to delivery to ensure your battery warrant starts a day or two prior to delivery.   

IMG 0548 e1519961414444 225x300 - Used Carts/Rebuild Carts











2014 Club Car Precedent – 4 Inch Club Car lift kit installed with and a Lime Green painted body. Choice of Crown or Trojan batteries.

IMG 0547 e1519961606778 225x300 - Used Carts/Rebuild Carts











Top quality rebuilds, we have tons of color’s to choose from. These are 2014 Club Car Precedents but we can get others.

rebuilds 300x225 - Used Carts/Rebuild Carts









2015 Club Car Precedent (sold) but more are available. It is amazing what a bit of color can do! 

30743209 1790692467660328 1409404762406780928 n 300x225 - Used Carts/Rebuild Carts30762801 1790692550993653 2015793843261145088 n 225x300 - Used Carts/Rebuild Carts















 The carts shown below are examples of carts that we have sold.  

[robo-gallery id=”1300″]


Feel free to complete the form below and get in touch so we can see if we can assist you.